Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Due to Covid-19, Several scheduled events have sadly been rescheduled /or cancelled. We DPlus are working closely with our event partners to bring you the latest updates and rescheduled announcements so you won’t miss out. We do recommend that you retain your tickets and continue to support your artists/counties/venues. We want to answer any queries you may have, so we have outlined our policy for you below.

Cancelled Events (The event will not be taking place now, or in the future)

If an event has been cancelled, you don’t need to do anything. DPlus Events will reach out to you directly via email and your order will be refunded within 14 working days of us receiving notification. Refunds may take up to 5 days to show in your account. Tickets purchased in a retail outlet must be returned to the same point of purchase.

Please note, refunds are subject to DPlus Events Terms and Conditions of sale, which can be viewed below.

Rescheduled Events (The event will not be taking place now, but will be moved to a future date)

If an event has been rescheduled, DPlus Events will notify you via calls/ text messages, social media updates and email. Your tickets will remain valid for the new dates.


Further Help

Our FAQ page will provide you with all the information you may need. However, if you feel there is a query we may not have covered in the above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our customer support team as follows:

– Get in touch via email here: admin@dplusevents.lk

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding through this difficult period. Please stay safe and take care!!!


1.    DPlus Events terms & conditions

Access to the https://www.DPlusevents.lk  (the “Site”) and the use of information contained therein is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. These terms and conditions are important and are for the protection of both users of the Site and ourselves. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully. By proceeding further you will be deemed to have accepted them.


Site Contents:

The contents of this Site, including these terms and conditions, are subject to change by us without notification.



Although we have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that all of the information on the Site is accurate at the time of inclusion, we do not represent that this is the case and it should not be relied upon as such. Please note that we may update or alter the information on this Site at any time without giving notice of the alterations. Accordingly, you agree not to hold us responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions.

We disclaim all warranties (to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law) express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, compatibility, security, accuracy or infringement.

We do not make any warranties or representations as to the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the contents of this Site. We neither accept nor assume any responsibility to you in relation to the contents of this Site.

Access to and use of this Site is at the user’s own risk and we do not represent or warrant that the use of this Site or any material downloaded from it will not cause damage to property, including but not limited to loss of data or computer virus infection. In no event do we accept liability of any description including liability for negligence for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the access, use or performance of this Site or any its contents. We shall not under any circumstances be liable to any customer by reason of any representation or warranty, condition or other term or any duty of common law, or under the express terms of these conditions of sale, for any consequential, special, incidental or punitive loss or damage (whether for loss of current or future profits, loss of enterprise value or otherwise) and whether occasioned by the negligence of DPlus Events, its employees or agents or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages

Although the Site is accessible worldwide, not all products or services referenced herein are available to all persons or in all geographic locations. We reserve the right to limit the provision and quantity of any product and service to any person or geographic location.



This site is owned and operated by DPlus Events registered in Sri Lanka 


Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

This Site is established in Sri Lanka in accordance with the laws of Sri Lanka itself and will be governed by the laws of the country. When you use the Site, you accept that your use of the Site and any information on the Site, will also be governed by the laws of Sri Lanka and if any claim or dispute arises from your use of the Site or any of the information on it, you agree that the Sri Lankan courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over all such claims or disputes.


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You may not distribute, sell or transmit any Materials from this Site and you are not permitted to alter, modify or adapt any such Materials, including but not limited to translating, decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling or creating derivative works, or to reduce the Materials to any other form.


Linking from Third party Websites:

Some pages on this Site contain hypertext links to web sites not maintained by us. You are reminded that when you enter other web sites via such hypertext links, you will not be subject to these terms and conditions and you will not benefit from the protections afforded to you in using our Site. We will not be liable in any way for the content, availability or use of such linked web sites and you use such links entirely at your own risk.

No third party is permitted to deep-link any other web site to this Site without obtaining our prior written consent. Third parties are welcome to link to the Site’s home page (and no deeper within the Site). Any links to the Site from another website must be presented in such a manner that the viewing of this site is not impaired whatsoever. We reserve the right to refuse consent to such links without giving any reasons.


2.     DPlus Events services

DPlus Events is acting as an event organizer & promoter. DPlus Events is not a retailer of the tickets.  We organize concerts, club events, brunches, indoor & outdoor musical shows for limited and mass crowds.

DPlus Events reserve the right to refuse admission to the venue for reasons of public safety, overcrowding or any other reason. Admission to events is by full ticket only. No readmission is allowed, unless by prior arrangement with the organizers.
The customer is responsible for correctly verifying the correct day, time and location of the event and ensuring that they arrive in good time to attend the event.


3.     Ticket purchase

Availability for purchase:

DPlus Events provides no guarantee with respect to the availability of tickets for any given event and provides no assurance that tickets will be available for purchase by the customer. Demand for certain events sold on DPlus Events can be extremely high with thousands of customers simultaneously buying tickets through the website, shops and phone.

As both the capacity of the venue and the number of tickets allocated to DPlus Events is limited it is not possible to guarantee customers that tickets will be available for purchase.


Order completion:

DPlus Events will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused by a failure on the customer’s part to complete and successfully place an order for tickets. The customer is wholly responsible for ensuring that their ticket order has been completed and has been successful.

Ticket selection:

DPlus Events will not be held responsible for any aspect of incorrect selection of tickets by the customer including, but not limited to, event, day and / or time of performance, ticket quantity, ticket type, seating assigned and ticket delivery method. The customer is wholly responsible for ensuring that all aspects of their ticket order are correct.

When purchasing from DPlus Events please take your time and make sure you are selecting the correct tickets. Before confirming the purchase, please review all the ticket information displayed which is based on the choices you made and ensure these are fully correct. DPlus Events will not be held responsible for such erroneous orders and cannot refund, cancel, exchange or amend tickets ordered as a result.


Seat Selection:

DPlus Events reserves the right to not to extend the ability for the customer to select his desired seats for any given event.  In such cases, DPlus Events will automatically offer you the “Best Available” seats associated with the ticket price you have chosen. In this way, you are assigned the seats with the best location and view available at that point in time.

This approach is standard in the ticketing industry and is needed to allow DPlus Events to sell extremely high volumes of tickets within a matter of minutes for concerts by very popular acts.


Seating Location:

DPlus Events offers no guarantee that it will be possible to seat all members of a party in a single location within a venue for a given event. If a restriction exists on the location of seating, you will be made aware of this restriction irrespective of whether you are choosing your own seats or having ‘Best Available’ seats assigned by the system.

At this point you can decide to accept the seats even though they are not located together or instead opt not to continue with the ticket order.


Delivery Options:

DPlus Events reserves the right to make only selected ticket delivery options available for particular events at its discretion.

As a result not all possible ticket delivery may be available for the event you wish to attend. A list of available delivery methods will be displayed when you are purchasing tickets and you must select one of these.


Links from third party websites:

DPlus Events accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information presented on third party websites or erroneous orders resulting from incorrect links on such websites.

As we sell tickets for a large number of popular events, other third-party music and entertainment websites often take it upon themselves to link to DPlus Events so their visitors can easily buy tickets. In such cases, it is the customer’s responsibility to double check that tickets selected are for the correct event, date and time and are at the expected price.

DPlus Events will not be held responsible for such erroneous orders and cannot refund, cancel or exchange tickets ordered as a result.


4.      Payment


You may be asked to supply certain information including credit / debit card or other payment information and personal details when purchasing goods or services on the Site. By providing such information you represent and warrant that it is accurate, complete and current. Orders may be delayed or cancelled if we are not given complete and accurate information and / or are unable to contact the person who has placed the order and / or the cardholder.

Please note that the sending of personal information via e-mail over the internet may not be secure and can be intercepted by third parties or incorrectly delivered. You should not divulge personal information over the internet unless you are using a secure or encrypted communications technology.


Taxes and Duties:

By ordering on DPlus Events you agree that you are responsible for paying any taxes applicable to such purchases.


5.     Event cancellation / rescheduling

From time to time, events are cancelled or rescheduled by the organizer, venue or authorities.

Should this happen, DPlus Events will try to contact you as early as possible by calls, e-mail, with the contact details you have provided at the time of booking.

If an event is rescheduled, you will be informed of the new date / venue once it is confirmed. You can then attend the rescheduled event with your valid tickets already purchased.

In the case of a rescheduled event, DPlus Events will communicate a cut-off date by call or email by which time refund requests must be made. You will still be able to use your tickets or contact us to arrange for someone else to use them instead, if you wish.

Please note that tickets cannot be cancelled & refunded unless the event is cancelled or the refund request not sent within given time period.


Inconvenience, loss or expenses arising from cancelled events:

Dplusevents.lk will not be held responsible for any inconvenience, losses of any kind or expenses incurred by the customer as a result of an event being cancelled, rescheduled or moved to a different venue. The customer is wholly responsible for any expenses which they incur in order to facilitate attending an event. This includes all transport, accommodation, subsistence, miscellaneous and all other relevant costs not mentioned here.

Please be aware that shows can, and are, cancelled and rescheduled from time to time and be prepared for this eventuality. You should make financial provision for this possibility personally or take out appropriate insurance to cover any such losses.


6.     Order cancellation, refund & amendment

Order refunds:

Tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged or transferred in any way unless the event has been cancelled or rescheduled.

Order cancellation / amendment:

Once an order has been placed it cannot be cancelled or the number of tickets changed in any way.

Delivery method amendment:

It is not possible for you to change the delivery method you chose when ordering your tickets.

Name change on tickets:

DPlus Events is not responsible for any loss, inconvenience or expense associated with a customer’s failure to request a name change on the order within the prescribed time limit.

The name on the ticket will need to be changed in the following circumstances:

  • someone else ordered the tickets on your behalf using their credit card.
  • you ordered tickets on behalf of someone else using your credit card.
  • you can no longer attend the event and someone else will go instead.

You must reply to your booking confirmation email with a note of the other person’s name which you want to appear on the ticket.

The following restrictions apply to requests to change the name on tickets:

  • For evening shows (i.e. doors open at 6pm or later), DPlus Eventsmust receive your request before noon on the day of the event.
  • For early shows (i.e. doors open earlier than 6pm), DPlus Eventsmust receive your request before 3pm on the day before the event.
  • DPlus Eventsreserves the right not to provide this service or to withdraw it completely at its discretion.


7.     Non-receipt of tickets

Non-receipt of tickets:

DPlus Events will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or loss incurred by the customer if tickets for Doorstep Delivery / Courier do not arrive in time for the event and the customer has not contacted DPlus Events in advance of the event.

If you have not received your delivery tickets 7 days prior of the event you must contact DPlus Events immediately so alternative arrangements can be made.

If you have not received the e ticket after 1 day of purchase ensure you contact DPlus Events for supporting you to solve the issue

Non-receipt of confirmation emails:

If you have not received an order confirmation email, you must email orders@web2.tickets.ie including your order confirmation number and email address to get the email resent.


8.     Lost, stolen or destroyed tickets

Care of ticket:

The ticket holder is responsible for care of the ticket after purchase. The organizers, partners, promoters, performers, sponsors, venues, ticket vendors or agents are not responsible for damage to or loss of the ticket.

Lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets:

Replacement tickets:

If tickets are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, replacement tickets can only be issued if the original tickets were for assigned seating at the event and only if you show your verified booking mobile text or e-mail.


9.     Ticket collection

Collection at the Venue office:

If you have chosen to collect your tickets at the venue office, you must collect them prior to being admitted to the event.

You will need to show your credit card and booking confirmation number for identification purposes when collecting your tickets.

DPlus Events does not guarantee that a physical paper ticket will be provided to the customers for Venue office collection as some venues operate from a printed list of customers who ordered collection tickets.

Identification when collecting tickets:

DPlus Events is not responsible for any loss, inconvenience or expense associated with a customer’s failure to produce appropriate identification when trying to collect tickets at the venue office.
You will need to show your credit card and booking confirmation number for identification purposes when collecting your tickets