About Us

Dplus Events (Pvt) Ltd.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

“…Replication is never in our menu…”

Breaking stereotypes, utilizing cutting edge technology with a committed team of individuals excelling in different industries associated together with versatile artists, we breathe life into novel entertainment surges, just to make sure that YOU experience an unforgettable event.  We’re a curious, collaborative collective and with our passionate and talented team, we aim to deliver exceptionally inspired events and compelling experiences.

DPlus is a fully integrated entertainment-based company operating since 2018, with the motive to tantalize your aesthetic appetite. Established in the soil of the United Arab Emirates so far, we have organized top-notch, high profile events to cater for the Sri Lankan ex-pats in Dubai, being the most sought-after event companies in Dubai.

With all our exclusive events we not only paint the town in red but also strike a balance between connecting people being quintessentially Sri Lankan yet breed innovation to compete with international standards. Just keep in mind, DPlus events are much more than parties. Our events connect people, breed innovation, build communities & spark changes

Today we ventured into the entertainment industry in Sri Lanka with all our expertise and shared values of the team to bring about a change in the industry, with our international event management experience. With this being our exponential growth, we have a lot in the store to offer you!


Our Vision

We create a world where the fine artists get connected with the musically enriched audience while supporting and enabling to pursue creation of amazing music and events

Our mission

Bridging up the local entertainment market in SL & UAE to the international & the other way around for lifting the world-wide attention through DPlus organized unique, significant & classy events

Our keys of success are

excellent time management

excellent communication

attention to the details

creative problem solving

stay calm and face challenges